This year, my self-selected theme is science fiction. Click the thumbnails below to see my entries this year for the challenge.


Huevember Background

Art is just like exercising, you need to do it on a regular basis to not become fat and lazy. To encourage regular practice, artists set challenges for each other to complete, usually focusing on producing one piece a day for a set period of 30 days. Over time some of them have been set for specific parts of the year. There’s Sketchtember which focuses on unfinished sketches. There’s Drawcember, which focuses on drawing as opposed to painting or other types of art.

For November, there is a challenge called Huevember. The goal is to create a piece of art every day for the month with the focus being a color from the chart shown here.

The artwork can be of any medium and any subject matter, and it can even have other colors in it as long as the piece’s majority color is the hue of the day. I find it easier to focus by giving myself a theme for each of these challenges. My self chosen theme this year for Huevember is to have each artwork within the realm of science fiction. Click the thumbnails above to see my entries for this year’s Huevember.