Don’t Let Your Collection Get Lost

What can be said that has not already been screamed into the void?

I think part of the drive of technology is for the human race to remember more. We have lost so much knowledge to history. Spanish swords known as Damascus blades are of a quality that we still cannot replicate. Ancient roman buildings are made of a form of concrete. The buildings stand to this day and can be visited, whereas concrete sidewalks today need to be replaced every twenty years.

We have also lost many minds, great and small alike.

It is hard to believe that once someone dies, all the knowledge, wisdom and experience that person accumulated over their life is gone. We spend our lives collecting, hoarding, and cherishing the memories of what we have learned. There are many who let that information die with them.

I do not want my collection to be lost when I die.

This is the reason I have started this, my Wednesday Wanderings.

Through this I will try to impart as many of the experiences I have gathered through my life. Some will be great insights, some will be different views on common things, and some will just be a fun jaunt through the corners of this crazy world.

Join me, won’t you?

Chris Jabas

I shot the moon!

While on opening day for goose hunting I had brought my camera and when I saw the full moon ( and a blue moon at that) I decided to see what my camera could do.

I was not disappointed. (click the image for a larger version)

On the lower left edge of the moon, I have enough detail from my camera to see elevation changes.

To paraphrase Scotty – “I LIKE THIS CAMERA!  It’s exCITing!”

Ren Fair 2012

My friends and I went to the local Renaissance Fair this past weekend and I decided to use it as a dry run for when I go to Italy by bringing my camera.  When all was done I went through a battery and a half and took 1600 photos.  Taking 10,000 useful photos in Italy will be EASY.

To see a small gallery of the images, go to the Ren Fair gallery here.

I always like to play with the giant garden chess set and shoot a quiver of arrows at the archery range.  The folks that run the chess set just informed me that they have a medals ladder that if you achieve  gold you play for free for the rest of your life.  Sounds good to me.  Now to practice my middle game…