I shot the moon!

While on opening day for goose hunting I had brought my camera and when I saw the full moon ( and a blue moon at that) I decided to see what my camera could do.

I was not disappointed. (click the image for a larger version)

On the lower left edge of the moon, I have enough detail from my camera to see elevation changes.

To paraphrase Scotty – “I LIKE THIS CAMERA!  It’s exCITing!”

Ren Fair 2012

My friends and I went to the local Renaissance Fair this past weekend and I decided to use it as a dry run for when I go to Italy by bringing my camera.  When all was done I went through a battery and a half and took 1600 photos.  Taking 10,000 useful photos in Italy will be EASY.

To see a small gallery of the images, go to the Ren Fair gallery here.

I always like to play with the giant garden chess set and shoot a quiver of arrows at the archery range.  The folks that run the chess set just informed me that they have a medals ladder that if you achieve  gold you play for free for the rest of your life.  Sounds good to me.  Now to practice my middle game…