Life Uninterrupted

Now that I am back in the States, it stands in even greater relief how I have no free time.  No time to explore any crazy ideas, pursue interests or hobbies, or even write a few lines in this blog.  I feel stretched even thinner than when I left for Italy.

We all choose what we give up to grab hold of something new.

Thank Goodness The Spammers Don’t Write Well

I must say it makes it a lot easier to sort out the good comments from the spam.  Never mind that the  spam comments are about themselves and what they want to promote but they aren’t even relevant to the posts I make.

This is a major problem of anyone who tries to do some sort of social writing off the main sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  You have these folks who are shotgunning every space they can in the hopes of finding someone foolish enough to just mass-approve everything that’s given them.  This frustrates some bloggers enough to make them want to vomit-propel themselves to the spammers house just to share a little of the bile that they’ve induced.

Me, it makes me laugh.

You get to learn new words like “fashionth” and “aarticles” as well as good examples of bad grammar, such as “this is very good article”.  I imagine the caveman from the Geico commercials coming to smash that spammer’s computer for giving him a bad name.  See?  I’m smiling.

Of course I know you can’t see, I haven’t posted the picture.

Must say my favorite spam line so far has been “We’re a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.”  Really?  What kind of scheme is it?  Good?  Evil?  Does it involve the corpse of Billy Mayes in a Weekend at Bernie’s scenario?  Drats, it doesn’t.  That would be fun. 🙂


Abusing My Blog

Some of you reading this as I have been writing it may have noticed that there are times where I will publish three or four posts at a time, even though they are labeled and dated before I posted them.  There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. I sometimes did not have the time or energy to post something for that day, even if I did have an adventure.
  2. I sometimes don’t have an internet connection when I want to post.
  3. I want to have the posts be chronologically correct.

That’s the nice thing about a blog.  I can edit the time stamp of when something is posted.  Heck, I can even post things in advance and the blog will automatically post it at the time I specify.  Of course I can’t use that feature because I can’t predict the adventures I am going to have here.

To those of you who are confused, I am simply trying to organize my thoughts for those who are just tuning in.  This week should be a light work week so I should be able to actually to post things regularly while I’m in Venice.