More Beautiful Graffiti

I continue to find graffiti that transcends the base use of tagging an area for a gang. I even found one out in Monterosso of Cinque Terre, shown here.

It still makes me jumpy to be in an area with so much graffiti, which is good. Even if I have been in no danger here in Italy, you do not want to become complacent and keep that attitude back home where the danger is much greater. Still, here are some of the more beautiful examples I was able to capture.


Cinque Terre: Part 2 – The Hiking Paths

One thing I had hoped to explore were the beautiful and famous hiking trails of Cinque Terre. However I had been told when I arrived that they had been closed for two weeks because of landslides from bad storms. Still, I went to look and to my elation they had begun to reopen the paths!

However, I had a dilemma. My socks were still wet from my adventure into the sea. So one one hand I could be guaranteed to get blisters and have my feet rubbed raw and on the other I would have even worse with the wet socks. I chose to leave the socks off and hike the trail anyway.

Careful to pick my way through the path I began the hike from Monterosso to Vernazza, one of the toughest hikes they have on the path that follows the coastline. This is the famous Via D’Amore, or Road of Love, and the beauty of it was incredible.

There are several areas where you can see right down to the sea, usually over a sheer cliff. There are many points where you are zigzagging back and forth up and down the hills to get further and further away from the sea to find a safe way to the next hill. Thankfully, there are many points where a rock has been painted to help you stay on the path.

It was almost like climbing through the Rockie Mountains in New Mexico back when I was in the Boy Scouts. I am glad I chose to do this last after I had tempered my feet and ankles with walking through the cities for the past three weeks. This would have been impossible a month ago. I can understand why they closed the paths, as there are some places where the hills tower over the paths on one side, threatening the path. There are also places where the path is barely wide enough for me, and I’m not that big.

I’m glad I’m healthy enough to have had this experience.


My KickStarter has failed…

Sadly, the KickStarter failed to generate what I had hoped.  In fact the response I received was subpar.  For those that were backing the project, I am still going to Italy tomorrow and will still be taking the 10,000 images I promised.  If you are still interested in the photos upon my return, I will gladly give them to you at the price agreed upon for the KickStarter project.

Until then, ciao.