More Beautiful Graffiti

I continue to find graffiti that transcends the base use of tagging an area for a gang. I even found one out in Monterosso of Cinque Terre, shown here.

It still makes me jumpy to be in an area with so much graffiti, which is good. Even if I have been in no danger here in Italy, you do not want to become complacent and keep that attitude back home where the danger is much greater. Still, here are some of the more beautiful examples I was able to capture.


The Best Night Shots

If you want the best night shots in Venice with as few people in them as possible, you need to get up early.

As in 4-5 am early.

Most people here don’t come out of their houses until 8 am or so which is when the city comes alive.  However, the sun rises about 7:15 and most if not all the public lamps turn off about 7, so to beat the predawn light, you need to be up and out of your hotel by 5:30-6, depending on how far away what you want to film is.

Oh, and make sure you have good walking shoes on, because you will be walking to wherever you need to go.  Public transportation doesn’t start before the sun rises.  But the pictures you get are incredible.



Another City, Another Fantastic Tour Guide

Meet Sabino.  He is a good guide for Venice, having lived here most of his life and on the recommendation of Petro from Can’t Be Missed Tours I used him for touring services.  I would recommend that you use him, and if you are heading to Venice sometime soon, you can email him at to set up a tour for yourself.

Apparently in Venice you need to be approved to be an official guide of the city and that allows you certain perks, such as skipping lines.  He took me on a walking tour of the town, explaining the history of Venice and how no new buildings have been created since the late 1700’s.  Certainly new businesses have come in and spaces have been renovated, but the buildings themselves get only a new facade.  They can’t even modify their roofs without special permit from the city, because they are trying to preserve the look of the place.

This makes certain parts of Venice feel like you have been transported back in time.  It’s a beautiful city that I’m glad I’m visiting.


Goose Hunting Opening Day

Terry at Grounded Gander Guiding Service is very good at making sure you have a great hunting experience and my dad and I have been using him for the past two years.  I highly recommend using his services if you don’t have a large pile of goose decoys sitting in your garage or the weeks of time needed to really know where and when the geese are flying.  He makes sure that you have a good time on your hunt and treats you right.


Labor Day Weekend was the early opener for Canadian Goose hunting in Minnesota and Dad and I, along with my brother Chris (unofficially adopted — considered part of the family without any blood or legal relation, you know?) went hunting with Terry.

I usually bring my cameras to get some good footage and images for Terry to add to his blog so he can get more clients.  While he’s great at hunting, he has little to no interest in maintaining his website so I do that for him on occasion.  While we did get some good hunting in, I got some fantastic pictures of the sunrise as well as the decoys, the field, and our kill to be used as promotional material for Terry.

Click on the images below to see full sized images.


Click here to see the full gallery. WARNING: Pictures of dead animals shown.