Growing Ideas For The Black-Thumbed

Ideas do not come at convenient times to be gathered.

They burst into your room at 1 am like a drunken frat boy. They are the phone call that interrupts dinner. Have you ever had a great idea or realization as you shower? How about just as you are about to fall asleep? I recently had an idea strike me while driving, and knew that it would be gone before I hit the next mile marker on the freeway.

Personally, this happens most whenever I am working on something that does not require my committed focus (which happens a lot). They fall out of my ears like seeds from an industrial planter. It gets frustrating to lose all those potentials, those million dollar ideas and those worlds of stories.

According to the tests I’ve taken, I’m in the lower end for ideaphoria (coming up with ideas). I think that this is biased for two reasons:

  1. I had to physically write down my ideas with pencil and paper and I’m in the lowest 5% for writing speed in my entire country.
  2. I come up with most of my ideas while I’m thinking about something else.

No one’s brain works quite like yours: you need to write your own manual.

To grow an idea, you first need to capture the ones that introduce themselves to you. Find a quick, reliable, and convenient way for you to record your ideas that you can come back to organize at a later time. It is at this second glance that you can start to add to your ideas and grow them into something more.

And don’t forget to capture the seeds that fall from those new ideas too.

See you next Wednesday.

Chris Jabas