My KickStarter has failed…

Sadly, the KickStarter failed to generate what I had hoped.  In fact the response I received was subpar.  For those that were backing the project, I am still going to Italy tomorrow and will still be taking the 10,000 images I promised.  If you are still interested in the photos upon my return, I will gladly give them to you at the price agreed upon for the KickStarter project.

Until then, ciao.

I shot the moon!

While on opening day for goose hunting I had brought my camera and when I saw the full moon ( and a blue moon at that) I decided to see what my camera could do.

I was not disappointed. (click the image for a larger version)

On the lower left edge of the moon, I have enough detail from my camera to see elevation changes.

To paraphrase Scotty – “I LIKE THIS CAMERA!  It’s exCITing!”

Goose Hunting Opening Day

Terry at Grounded Gander Guiding Service is very good at making sure you have a great hunting experience and my dad and I have been using him for the past two years.  I highly recommend using his services if you don’t have a large pile of goose decoys sitting in your garage or the weeks of time needed to really know where and when the geese are flying.  He makes sure that you have a good time on your hunt and treats you right.


Labor Day Weekend was the early opener for Canadian Goose hunting in Minnesota and Dad and I, along with my brother Chris (unofficially adopted — considered part of the family without any blood or legal relation, you know?) went hunting with Terry.

I usually bring my cameras to get some good footage and images for Terry to add to his blog so he can get more clients.  While he’s great at hunting, he has little to no interest in maintaining his website so I do that for him on occasion.  While we did get some good hunting in, I got some fantastic pictures of the sunrise as well as the decoys, the field, and our kill to be used as promotional material for Terry.

Click on the images below to see full sized images.


Click here to see the full gallery. WARNING: Pictures of dead animals shown.

Ren Fair 2012

My friends and I went to the local Renaissance Fair this past weekend and I decided to use it as a dry run for when I go to Italy by bringing my camera.  When all was done I went through a battery and a half and took 1600 photos.  Taking 10,000 useful photos in Italy will be EASY.

To see a small gallery of the images, go to the Ren Fair gallery here.

I always like to play with the giant garden chess set and shoot a quiver of arrows at the archery range.  The folks that run the chess set just informed me that they have a medals ladder that if you achieve  gold you play for free for the rest of your life.  Sounds good to me.  Now to practice my middle game…