Art tells a story all its own – What’s Yours?

My name is Chris, an animator and commercial artist. I help businesses tell their story through images, graphics, and video. Stories are how we connect to each other, and art tells stories when no words can. Is your art telling the story you want to tell?

Recent Works

Even college educated for it, art is a journey I will be traveling for the rest of my life. We continue to find new ways to create art and use it to tell stories words cannot. I hope my art adds to existence. Click here to view my portfolio and various works.

Tutorials and Explainers

No one person can know everything, but what I understand I am eager to teach. Want to know how I do that woohoo I do? Learn how to improve your business? Click this to see my collection of videos, articles, and infographics I’ve created for that purpose.

Wednesday Wanderings

The world is wide and full of corners not yet noticed. It is okay to be lost. Here I wander from topic to topic and share my opinions, my discoveries, my revelations. Click here to join me for a moment or a while on my journey down the road not yet made.